The Chamber is governed by a Council of 12 Councillors elected by the Full and Associate Members and headed by a President, a Senior Vice President, and a Vice President. The administrative arm of the organisation is run by the Secretariat, which is headed by an Executive Director. The Council is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Chamber and meetings are convened on a monthly basis. The Council is chaired by the President. The President, Senior Vice President and Vice President serve a term of one year. Other Councillors serve a term of two years.

Executive Councillors

Mr. Anthony Smaré
Mr. Richard Kassman OBE
Mr. Philip Samar


Mr. Stanley Komunt
Mr. Hitesh Lal
Mr. John Lewins
Mr. Albert Tobe
Mr Kepas Wali
Mr. Tim Richards
Mr. Andrew Harris
Mr. Mark McMonagle
Mr. Leon Buskens